Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Masterclass With Barburrito

Recently, the lovely Talor invited some of the Edinburgh bloggers to a masterclass at Barburrito on Lothian Road, where we'd not only get to try out making a burrito, we'd get to eat it too!

Baburrito on Lothian Road and Shandwick Place in Edinburgh take the place of Pinto, whom they have partnered with. First impressions of the rebrand were great. The decor is modern and cool, the place is filled with plants and nice lighting, with an exposed brick wall displaying the Barburrito logo (who doesn't love a bit of exposed brick?!)

Onto the food... I LOVE Mexican food, and it's a love affair which only began when I lived in North Carolina, due to the abundance of Mexican available there. Coming home I was disappointed (particularly in Aberdeen) at the lack of good quality Mexican food on offer. Moving to Edinburgh has opened up more Mexican food doors (including the wonderful El Cartel, but that's a story for another day) and I was really excited to try Barburrito.

They have lots of ingredient options (including vegan!) and we got to try each of them individually before putting together our own burrito. Personal favourites included: the guacamole (obvs), chorizo (curve ball), mushrooms, spicy beans and queso.

The art of putting together a Barburrito burrito looks quite challenging, but it's not too bad once you get the hang of it! We tried with rice as the filling to practice and I think everyone got it pretty quickly!

The end result was DELICIOUS! With two locations within 5 minutes walk of my office, it's safe to say I'll be back...

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