Sunday, 24 January 2016

Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette

I am about 10 years late to this party. The cult favourite Urban Decay Naked Palette has been on my wish list for a looong time. A fellow beauty loving babe knew this, and gave it to me before Christmas as part of my work leaving gift. (Thanks Gillian!)

It's safe to say I'm in love with this palette. I'm also a very bad blogger - I didn't take any pictures before I started using it, excitement levels were too high and I just went straight in with my MAC 217, so unfortunately it doesn't look pristine in these photos!

The Naked palette is made up of 12 shades, two matte and the rest are shimmer/satin textures. Although it's technically a 'neutral' collection, I find that there is quite a bit of colour in this - especially in comparison to the UD Naked Basic Palette which I adore. 

The texture of these shades is so buttery and smooth and they apply really well. There are so many options, it's kind of hard to know where to start! The stand-out shades to me are:

Naked - this is a warm matte brown, the perfect crease shade.

Buck - the only other matte in the collection, this is a darker, cooler brown shade which again works well in the crease. 

Sidecar - this is such a unique shade, it's hard to describe. It's like a cool shimmery bronze with a hint of rose in it. It's just such a nice shade to wash over the lids and go, no fuss. 

Half Baked - a gorgeous gold which looks amazing against green and blue eyes. It's so pigmented and super shimmery but not glittery. 

Hustle - a dark purple, similar to Satin Taupe by Mac but a bit more purple-y and less shimmery. Great for a smokey eye.

That's just 5 of the shades, other shades in the palette are: Virgin, Sin, Smog, Dark Horse, Toasted, Creep and Gunmetal. 

The only shades I don't think I'll get a huge amount of wear out of are Creep and Gunmetal because I don't tend to wear blue much. But every other shade in this palette is beautiful, and they all blend together so well. 

Have you tried the Naked Palette? Are the others in series worth buying? I'm curious about the Naked Smokey palette...

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