Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Covering dark circles: my holy grail products

I'll admit that I am lucky enough to have pretty well behaved skin, and only started wearing foundation in my twenties. Having said that, I have suffered from very dark circles for as long as I can remember. So much so that my brother once asked if I'd been punched... You get the picture.

It feels like I have tried every eye cream and concealer combination under the sun to try and banish the pesky things and nothing has ever really lived up to my expectations... Until I discovered my current routine.

Starting with the eye cream, I'm currently using Origin's Eye Doctor. It smells like cucumber and is quite light in texture. At 25, I'm not looking for a miracle in terms of anti-ageing, and I don't believe that eye creams get rid of dark circles, but this one seems to treat my skin well.

Following this, I go in with Tarte's CC undereye corrector. This is similar to Bobbi Brown's undereye corrector but it's less heavy and less drying. It comes in two shades and I use light/medium. I dab a small amount in the inner and outer corners of my eyes where the darkness is worst. I think it's really important not to use too much product to avoid a cakey, heavy look.

Following this step, I go in with my Urban Decay Naked concealer which I raved about here. This matches my skintone and finishes off the concealing process.

Using two products under the eyes is a bit of a faff but the difference it makes is so worth it. I've accepted that I'll probably always suffer from dark circles, but at least I have figured out a routine that goes some way to covering them!

Have you got any tips for dark circles? I'd love to hear them!

Amy xo

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