Sunday, 2 August 2015

Battle of the Brows: Brow Whiz vs. Archery

Anastasia Beverly Hills is who some people (myself included) would deem as 'the queen of the brows'. Whether you use her power, pomade or brow whiz, she has got it down. Living in the UK, it's a little hard to to get hold of her products, and as far as I know, the only UK stockist is Cult Beauty, otherwise you're looking at an online Sephora order. So when my beloved Brow Whiz (finally) ran out, I decided to try an alternative, more readily available and more affordable product. After a good bit of research, I plumped for the Archery by Soap and Glory. At £8, the Archery is much cheaper than its rival, so I was keen to see how they compared. 

At first glance, the Brow Whiz and Archery are near identical. Both have a twist up pencil at one end, with a spoolie at the other. This setup is ideal for the lazy girl, it has everything you need in one place! So onto the comparison:

Shade range: the Brow Whiz definitely wins in this category as there are several shades to choose from, where as the Archery only contains two shades in its range - Hot Chocolate or Blondshell. I went for the darker Hot Chocolate (I use Medium Brown in the Brow Whiz) and the shade suits me pretty well. I would say it's possibly a smidge too warm, but nothing to complain about. However, if your brows are quite light and don't suit the two shades offered by S & G, then the Archery might not be the one for you. 

The packaging: this is almost identical for both products, however I do find that with the Soap & Glory offering it can be a little hard to remove the lid which is mega frustrating first thing in the morning! 

The product: the actual pencil itself is fairly similar on both products. They both have a very fine, thin tip which is perfect for shaping your brows - even your brows are quite sparse, it allows you to be very precise and looks more natural. The pencil on the Brow Whiz is slightly more gentle than the Archery, but both have good staying power and keep my brows in check all day. 

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Brow Whiz, I would definitely recommend Soap & Glory's Archery. It's half the price and so easy to pick up in Boots. As long as you can find a shade to match then you're good to go. 

Have you tried the Brow Whiz or the Archery? Which one's your favourite? 


  1. I'm actually yet to try either versions but they are both on my wish list. Might just go with brow wiz off the bat as it's not that pricey considering it's more of a high end product x

    Beauty with charm | Zoeva Giveaway

    1. Yeah the Brow Whiz is def still a reasonable price! For shade range its a great option :) so fuss free too!

      Amy x


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