Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer Essentials

After some very long, cold months, it seems temperatures might finally be heating up in the UK. Although, let's not be hasty - I don't want to jinx things. *Please keep up the sun weather gods.* With rising temperatures, I'm finally feeling semi-summery and have ditched the tights this week (gasp) in favour of bare legs.  

Since we've reached July, I thought it might be a good time to share my summer essentials that I can't live without during these warmer months. 

I have wanted a pair of aviator Ray Bans for as long as I can remember, but the price is just painful, and as a person who consistently loses/breaks sunglasses, it's probably not the best investment I could make. So this season I bought the H&M aviators for a cool £5.99 and I LOVE them. They look stylish, they're comfortable and fit my head perfectly. (Don't you just hate when sunglasses slide off your face/head? Yeah me too.) I would highly recommend H&M for a bargain pair of sunglasses! 

Xen tan
Since I'm not going on a beachy summer holiday this year, I can't rely on my usual natural tanning to inject some colour into my skin, and I refuse to use a sunbed, which means turning to fake tan. I only use this on special occasions, I couldn't be bothered with the weekly upkeep, but everyone feels better with a tan right? Xen Tan is great, it doesn't smell too strong, and has a more olive tone than other fake tans, although it doesn't have a great guide colour so can be hard to know if you've covered every area! I'm keen to try St Tropez so if anyone has any insight on that, please let me know in the comments! 

Hot salsa Maybelline nail polish 
I spoken about the Maybelline SuperStay polishes before on my blog, and I just think they're thebombdotcom. Hot Salsa is perfect for summer, and it lasts for days on my nails! There is such a wide shade range now, I urge you to check them out! 

Dune sandals
I bought these shoes in the sale after lusting over them for a good two years. I managed to get them half price and I think they were worth every penny. They go with everything, and glam up a plain outfit - great for day or night. Super comfy too. Now I just need to get them in black...

Bronze Goddess
Whoever came up with the Bronze Goddess series for Estée Lauder is a seriously clever person. It has become somewhat a cult seasonal beauty offering, and there is so much anticipation in the lead up to the annual release. I have only ever purchased the perfume from the range, but it is gorrrrgeous. Fruity, coconutty, and very warm, this is my perfect summer scent. I really want to try the shimmering body oil too, I think it looks beautiful! 

What are your summer essentials? Have you tried any of my top picks? I hope it's sunny wherever you are! 

Amy xo


  1. Such a lovely post Amy, these summer essentials are great and I especially love the Dune sandals! <3 Fingers crossed the Scottish weather improves and we get to enjoy a little more sun this year!! :)

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


    1. Aww thanks Helen! I know, at least we've not had too much torrential rain after last weeks shenanigans haha! Xxx


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