Friday, 1 May 2015

My Travel Lust List

I'm always thinking about where I want to visit next, and I hate being stuck in one place. Two weeks in Aberdeen and I crave a weekend away - even if that's just to Edinburgh. I get this claustrophobic feeling - it's hard to describe. I think it stems from my childhood - we moved around fairly regularly, travelling steadily northwards, so I was used to new places and new people. Uni brought more change, and then I studied abroad, taking me even further a field to the States where I did a lot of travelling and exploring and that definitely gave me 'the bug'. Although I have visited lots places since, I haven't done the whole 'gap yah' thing (yet!) and I'm constantly dreaming up my perfect list of destinations. I thought it'd be fun to share these, cause who doesn't like looking at pretty pictures of amazing places around the globe?!


The number one place on my list is Australia, which is funny because a few years ago I really wasn't too bothered about it. However, after living with a bunch of amazing Aussies in North Carolina, I was converted. I want to go visit them all which would mean a trip to both the west and east coasts (fine by me!) Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Wollongong, Whitsundays and The Great Barrier Reef are high on the list. The idea that Australia is so huge but most of it is inhabitable really baffles and intrigues me. My mum always tells me about when she visited Ayers Rock, so I would love to go there too.

Great Barrier Reef




Ever since one of my cousins visited Fiji, and I got major envy via Facebook, this has been on my list. In fact a very particular place, called the Fiji Beach House has been on my list since 2011 to be precise. It turned out one of our other cousins had also stayed at the same place when he visited Fiji, so I certainly know where I'll be staying! This swing sits on the hotel's private beach. Dreamy.

The swing at Fiji Beach House


OK, so including an entire continent in this list is probably cheating slightly... but I'll try and narrow it down. One of my best friends Emma studied abroad in Chile and after graduating she did a stint in Panama - both sounded awesome. My dad went to Venezuela on a work reward trip years ago and told me about Angel Falls... I've wanted to go ever since. I would love to go to Brazil - when the world cup was on and Gary Lineker was presenting football commentary every evening from that glass box, I was staring right past him at the incredible view of Copacabana Beach. How incredible does it look?! Finally, I discovered 'the swing at the end of the world' in Ecuador whilst writing this post and had to include it...

The swing at the end of the world

Copacabana Beach

Angel Falls, Venezuela

San Blas, Panama


Japan looks incredible - the cherry blossoms alone make me want to visit! I like the fact that Japan combines incredibly traditional aspects with some of the most modern technology and ways of life in the world. Plus, I LOVE Japanese food!


Mount Fuji

Sakura Tunnel 


Specifically, Lake Louise. About a year ago, I came across a photo of the Fairmont Chateau which overlooks Lake Louise, and I instantly added it to my bucket list. How amazing is that view?! The whole of Banff National Park looks incredible, with sleigh rides in the winter and white water rafting in the summer - it's ideal for a vacation all year round!

Fairmont Chateau

Lake Louise

I hope this has given you some inspiration! Let me know below what's on your travel bucket list, I'd love to add some more places to my wishlist!

All photos sourced from Pinterest. 


  1. I have the bug now! Half of these places look too good to be true - and is the volcano about to erupt in the swing picture?! Great blog
    ps the mountain at in the background of one of the Japanese pics is called sunshine mountain - it's my screen saver :)

    1. They all look amazing don't they?! I want to hop on a plane right now :) Thanks for your comment!


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