Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Being a tourist in Edinburgh

I love Edinburgh. It's definitely my favourite city in Scotland - it has so much to offer and there's always something fun going on. Scott is from Edinburgh, and recently moved back there for work. With this comes lots of weekends in the capital, but we are guilty of taking the city for granted and not making the most of the stunning areas it has to offer. So recently we've been making a concious effort to explore, and this weekend, we wandered around Princes Street Gardens and the old town. The photos were too pretty not to share, so here is a little photo diary of our day.

When Scott took me for a coffee in Costa I was thinking... 'Costa, can't we go somewhere more exciting?!' However, I understood when I saw the view from our table

 Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street Gardens

Steps to the old town

The cafe where J.K. Rowling dreamt up Harry Potter

The Grassmarket

Cakes at Caffe Lucano

Crowds on the Royal Mile

Princes Street Gardens
Standard selfie

The gorgeous sunrise crossing the Forth Rail Bridge on the journey back to Aberdeen

Do you have any Edinburgh recommendations for our next day out? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Aww, great snaps! Got to have the standard selfie ;) I love Edinburgh and can't wait until Scott and I can come home and really enjoy it without always having to rush around. Looks like you guys have been having some lovely sunshine back at home too!! xx

    Kirsty - Effortlessly Excessive

  2. The photos are deceiving Kirsty - it was very windy haha (incase you can't tell by our squint eyes!) But I love Edinburgh too, so much to do and see! Look forward to seeing you back in the Burgh soon!



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