Sunday, 24 May 2015

Top 5 Lipsticks: The Brights

So last week I took you through my favourite nude lipsticks, and this week and wanna go through my top brights. I love a bright lip, although I'm always baffled by those people who wear the look daily to the office - ain't nobody got time for that. But for me, brights are perfect for a night out/holiday etc. The lipsticks I've picked out are summer appropriate - I love a dark lip the most, but they're not really in keeping with the current season so we'll save those for a later date! So without further ado... 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Being a tourist in Edinburgh

I love Edinburgh. It's definitely my favourite city in Scotland - it has so much to offer and there's always something fun going on. Scott is from Edinburgh, and recently moved back there for work. With this comes lots of weekends in the capital, but we are guilty of taking the city for granted and not making the most of the stunning areas it has to offer. So recently we've been making a concious effort to explore, and this weekend, we wandered around Princes Street Gardens and the old town. The photos were too pretty not to share, so here is a little photo diary of our day.

When Scott took me for a coffee in Costa I was thinking... 'Costa, can't we go somewhere more exciting?!' However, I understood when I saw the view from our table

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Top 5 Lipsticks: The Nudes

Before I start this post, I have a disclaimer... I'm not really a fan of 'nude' lipsticks in the way they are traditionally known. I can't pinpoint what is it with me and nude lipsticks, but they really don't suit me. I think against my skin tone and dark hair they drain my face and make me look older. On a whim a couple of years ago, I bought Snob by MAC cause it was what all the cool kids were wearing... oh my. It looked horrific on me... I think I wore it once and learnt my lesson. The following favourites are a combination of pinks and peaches that just about fit into the 'nude' category - and which I would class as nude - easy to wear and brighten up the face, without looking intense or too in-your-face. 

Friday, 1 May 2015

My Travel Lust List

I'm always thinking about where I want to visit next, and I hate being stuck in one place. Two weeks in Aberdeen and I crave a weekend away - even if that's just to Edinburgh. I get this claustrophobic feeling - it's hard to describe. I think it stems from my childhood - we moved around fairly regularly, travelling steadily northwards, so I was used to new places and new people. Uni brought more change, and then I studied abroad, taking me even further a field to the States where I did a lot of travelling and exploring and that definitely gave me 'the bug'. Although I have visited lots places since, I haven't done the whole 'gap yah' thing (yet!) and I'm constantly dreaming up my perfect list of destinations. I thought it'd be fun to share these, cause who doesn't like looking at pretty pictures of amazing places around the globe?!