Sunday, 22 February 2015

Oatifix by Lush

I have mentioned before on my blog that my skin has been dry and dull over these never ending winter months. Well, I have to report that not much had changed, that was until I got Oatifix back in my life. 

This face mask is the most delicious smelling thing of life - I seriously want to eat this stuff every time I use it. It is a fresh face mask so it requires to be kept in the fridge, and has a useby date on it, which really gives you comfort that it is truly 'fresh'. Oatifix contains bananas and illipe butter to moisturise, and oatmeal and ground almonds soothe and exfoliate the skin. Wack it on for 10 minutes (although I definitely stretch that to 20...) and rinse off with warm water. My skin instantly feels super soft and dry skin disappears. It's such a treat, yet so affordable! Oatifix, along with the rest of the Lush face masks retail for £6.50. 

My only (minor) complaint is that the texture is a little tricky to work with when applying it to the face, as it can be almost gloopy, but that must be the bananas. Still, I love it and it does an amazing job for the price! I even persuaded my boyfriend to try it (shhh though!) and he loved it too! Have you tried Oatifix? Would you recommend any of the other Lush face masks?

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